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When it comes to immediately grabbing a reader’s attention in any medium, few things are more important than picking the perfect font—regardless of whether you’re advertising your brand online or in print.

The MyFonts Monotype Fresh Font Bundle offers over 50 handcrafted fonts from one of the world’s most revered typeface companies, and it’s available for over 74% off at $49.99.

How you write your content is undeniably important in a world of limited attention spans, and this collection of fonts that covers a wide range of typestyles will help you expand your existing collection with incredible sans serif, serif, script, and display options.

Each font has been handmade and selected by the world-renowned experts at Monotype, and it’s easy to quickly find and select the font you’re looking for based on your individual project and needs.

Gain unlimited access to a growing number of unique fonts for life with the MyFonts Monotype Fresh Font Bundle—available for just $49.99.

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