New road markings in English town suspiciously wobbly

The town of Cheltenham, England, is ablaze with speculation among locals scandalized by "wobbly" road markings on a local street corner. Gloucestershire Live reports that mystery surrounds the yellow lines, ineptly applied using the wrong kind of paint on the corner where Tivoli Walk and Saddlers Lane meet. Their authenticity is in question; meanwhile, everyone suffers.

A spokesperson at Gloucestershire County Council said: "The county council hasn't carried out work to add yellow lines in Saddlers Lane. There are no parking restrictions in place for this part of Saddlers Lane in Cheltenham. We are aware of this matter and will visit the area to look into this." Simon Jackson, who runs a business on the tarnished lane, claims to have seen CCTV footage of an individual in a high-vis jacket and safety helmet painting the lines at 4.32am.