Control your dog's shedding and keep them comfortable with this onesie

Anyone who owns a dog knows how difficult it can be to keep them from shedding in the home or getting filthy at the beach. The Shed Defender® Original: The World's First Onesie for Dogs will put an end to both of these woes in a way that's both safe and comfortable for your canine friend, and you can land one right now for 15% off MSRP.

This vet-approved onesie will control your dog's shedding, reduce their anxiety, and keep them clean in the great outdoors.

Made from ultra-premium and entirely eco-friendly materials that won't irritate your dog's coat, this lightweight onesie allows full mobility for your dog while keeping him or her from shedding excessively around the house.

It's also great for walks to the beach, woods, or any other environment that can cause your dog to become dirty or weighed down with mud or sand.

Keep your canine comfortable and your house clean with this Shed Defender® Original: The World's First Onesie for Dogs—available for 15% off MSRP at just $33.99.