Here's what full self driving autopilot "sees"

From The Tesla Show Twitter feed: "What unreleased FSD Autopilot sees. Straight from Tesla Autopilot recruiting website."

From the job description:

Apply cutting-edge research to train deep neural networks on problems ranging from perception to control. Our per-camera networks analyze raw images to perform semantic segmentation, object detection and monocular depth estimation. Our birds-eye-view networks take video from all cameras to output the road layout, static infrastructure and 3D objects directly in the top-down view. Our networks learn from the most complicated and diverse scenarios in the world, iteratively sourced from our fleet of nearly 1M vehicles in real time. A full build of Autopilot neural networks involves 48 networks that take 70,000 GPU hours to train ?. Together, they output 1,000 distinct tensors (predictions) at each timestep.

Image: Twitter screengrab