If you've got a crazed canine, Relax My Dog may just save your sanity

For the owner of an anxious dog, coming home to a stray poop or a shredded pillow after a long day at work may be annoying, but that's actually on the low end of potential problems. Some dogs get so upset by the boredom, loneliness and stress of being on their own that they end up doing some real damage, like demolishing rooms or chomping their way through wooden doors and even drywall as a way of expressing their upset feelings.

These dogs need to chill. Relax My Dog is a streaming service that can lay the mellow all over even the most keyed-up pooches. Right now, a two-year subscription to this doggie pacifier is available for $39.99, over half off the regular price.

Before you laugh, this is not some fly-by-night money grab. Backed by over seven years of research, Relax My Dog has actually proven to help 87 percent of its canine viewers, accounting for more than 10 million dogs in over 100 countries.

Just stream it to your home TV or connected iOS or Android device and the steady unlimited stream of looped content video and music will help put any dog of virtually any breed at ease. Also as with humans, not all music works for all situations, which is why you'll find playlists tailored to specific canine demographics or incidents, like music for puppies, for grooming time, for combatting loud noises and fireworks, or just music for sleeping and general relaxation.

A Relax My Dog 2-year subscription is usually $84, but with the current deal, it's available now for just $39.99.