Police impersonator arrested

I'm a big fan of videos of people arrested for pretending to be cops, especially the way real and fake cop-personas differ and interact. This one is a veritable antimatter explosion right from the outset.

Real World Police writes:

The following narrative was written by Windermere Police Officer Jerrell Ogletree:

"On Saturday September 7, 2019 at approximately 1617 hours I, Ofc. J. Ogletree, observed a funeral procession being conducted with a black and gray motorcycle with multiple colored lights, air horn and siren activated while approaching the traffic circle at Maguire Road and Park Avenue. I continued observing when the black and gray motorcycle, traveling west on Park Ave., passed my clearly marked patrol vehicle and proceeded to pass over the double solid yellow center lines with oncoming traffic approaching and traveled within the same lane as a vehicle in the procession. The motorcycle's movement caused the driver to travel outside of their lane of travel. I activated my emergency equipment and conducted a traffic stop at McKinnon Rd. and Lake Butler Blvd.

The driver, later identified as Jeremy Charles Dewitte, was advised of the reason for the traffic stop and was told to move his motorcycle to the side of the roadway. While conducting the traffic stop, the motorcycle, bearing FL tag MAMC97, came back as a hit for being stolen. Dewitte was placed in handcuffs and detained while an investigation was conducted. While confirming the hit and conducting a search of Dewitte he became uncooperative and began to move and pull away from me. Dewitte had to be redirected on multiple occasions to stay against the car while a search was conducted. Dewitte used his communication device attached to his helmet to yell for backup from his peers. Dewitte at this point began yelling to other officers on scene about the motorcycle. Due to safety and Dewitte's actions, he was disarmed and placed in the back of my patrol vehicle.

Dewitte was wearing a law enforcement motor officer's similar apparel to include a shirt with a police-like badge, bullet resistant vest and a helmet with a police-like badge and the words "Motor Officer" written on the front. Dewitte dawned in plain view, a fully equipped duty belt containing a black Glock-looking gun, pepper spray, an ASP baton, handcuffs, two pocket knives, a two-way radio, and a multi-tool. Dewitte was also in possession of a police-style badge that stated "Motor Officer" on it.

Dewitte was disarmed of his weapons and placed into the patrol car after becoming verbally loud and pulling away. A closer look at his Glock-looking firearm revealed that it was an unloaded bb-gun with no red or orange tip indicating it was in fact a bb-gun. Dewitte wore this bb-gun holstered outside on his duty belt in plain view.

An NCIC/FCIC check of Dewitte found him to be a convicted felon. Dewitte was acting in a security capacity during his duties of the funeral procession. Dewitte is unlicensed as a security officer as he says his security is "in-house." No active security license showed under his name.

Dewitte was placed under arrest and taken to the Orange County Jail without further incident.