The right knife can change your entire kitchen and we've rounded up 20 amazing options on sale

Quality knives matter — and in more ways than you might expect.

At the most basic level, having a functioning set of proper kitchen knives means you can actually get in a kitchen, start putting together a meal and have the right tools to handle all tasks. From the blunt force of the clever to the skilled precision of the paring knife, you're ready.

But do you know what else a well-stocked knife block in your kitchen says to visitors? It says an adult uses this kitchen. Butter knives and pizza cutters will only get you so far in life, gents. At some point, a lack of quality knives on display in your kitchen might as well scream that your culinary skills haven't advanced beyond reheating fish sticks in your illegal dorm toaster oven.

That's a bad look. To save you from yourself, we've assembled 20 (yes, 20!) deals on worthy knives and knife sets. And since these deals coincide with the Presidents' Day holiday, enter the coupon code PRESIDENT15 at checkout and take another 15% off each of these offers.

All we're saying is…invest in yourself.

Chef's Knives

If you purchase nothing else, at least lock up the services of a quality chef's knife. It's the most important tool in any chef's arsenal and can sub in to handle almost any kitchen task like a champ. Another consideration is going with Damascus steel blades over standard stainless steel. Damascus steel, which is actually an iron and steel alloy, producing brilliantly intricate, eye-catching blade patterns.

For a single addition, you can pick up either a gorgeous 9.75" pakkawood and rosewood handled chef knife ($34.99, 51% off) or a 13" model with a buffalo horn, brass and rosewood handle ($59.99, 36% off).

Of course, different sizes of chef knives work best for different jobs, so to get the true impact of this tool, consider the various 2-piece ($59.99, 56% off), 3-piece ($44.99, 50% off), or 4-piece ($74.55, 25% off) sets also on sale. Or go with the functionality of a 3-piece set of 4" "mini" chef knives ($74.99, 24% off) that look as good as they cut.

Santoku Knife

Created in Japan, the Santoku is similar to a chef's knife, but its shorter, thinner flat blade is lighter and more adept for fine mincing and dicing as well as thin slicing. This 10" Damascus steel Santoku knife ($44.99, 65% off) should serve you just fine.


We've all seen horror movies, so we're all up to speed on the power of the bulky clever for heavy duty chopping and rending. Quality is the name of the game with a Damascus Cleaver Knife with a buffalo horn and mosaic pin handle ($59.99, 59% off) that looks as sharp as it is.

Steak knife 

It's the knife best suited for table use, but having a blade like this folding 3" and 100% handmade Laguiole Steak Knife ($43.99, 23% off) is an undeniable statement utensil.

Fillet knives

Thinner, longer and more flexible, fillet knives are made to cut items like thin fish slices. It's a specialty piece, but whether you choose the rosewood ($53.55, 25% off) or buffalo horn ($53.55, 25% off) hilted blades, this is an item that says you're serious about your food prep.

Paring knife

The paring knife is the true scalpel in the hands of a skilled chef. Precision work like garnishes or cutting and peeling fruits and vegetables is the lifeblood of this fully handmade knife crafted from more than 240 layers of Damascus steel ($52.50, 25% off).

Knife sets

Sure, you can pick up great varieties of every blade type — or you can score an amazing set and get several pieces all in one package.

Stainless steel fans to go with a 9-piece assortment that comes with its own wooden block ($77, 38% off) or a 7-blade collection that includes a cheese knife, a pizza knife and a carving knife ($24.99, 58% off).

You could also sample some gorgeous Damascus steel sets as well, like a 5-blade collection with natural wood handles ($99.99, 25% off), a Japanese style olive wood hilted set ($74.99, 24% off) or a heavy-duty chef knife and fork knife set ($69.99, 24% off) that would be right at home in "Braveheart."

Presentation counts too — which is why this ultra-precise 3-piece hand-crafted Damasukasu master chef knife set ($69.99, 76% off) in a hinged, wooden box is particularly attractive.

Finally, you can also throw some funk in your knife drawer with either of two obsidian black-bladed sets: a 2-piece chef knife starter set ($29.90, 40% off) and an ultra-trippy 4-piece Black Diamond assortment ($135, 37% off) that comes with an wild angular float knife box for storage.