Academic published erotic fiction about own students

A Cambridge University don wrote and published erotic fiction about his own students under a pseudonym, reports the BBC. Dr Peter Hutchinson was accused of sexual harassment in 2015 and forced out of his teaching post, but the novel, titled First Time: Ooo-la-la! was published under the name of Barry Able and has only recently been connected to the disgraced professor.

The books tells the story of an "innocent" first year student called Peter at a fictitious Oxford college who is found guilty of alleged sexual impropriety after a "series of erotic adventures".

Most of the women students in the book are members of a college sex club called "The Virgins" and must sleep with a man – or senior academic – each week to remain in the group. In the opening of the text, a female student is called a "brazen hussy" and others are described as being "well endowed" in lingerie, suspenders and garter-belts. … The front-cover features an image of a woman's leg in stockings, which Dr Hutchinson confirmed belonged to a former Trinity Hall student. Dr Hutchinson said that he did not "see a problem using an unidentifiable photo" of a student, adding he was not present when it was taken.

Dr Hutchinson describes his book as taking a "progressive view" of "totally liberated" women. He was accused of sexual assault by another student in 2006, and his victim in that case spoke to the BBC:

Ellie Pyemont, now 38, who brought the case, told the BBC she "recognised" herself in the pages.

"It is pathetic that he wrote and self-published this misogynistic, crass and deluded story," she said.

"The significant point is that the person behind this derisory book was in a position of power over young people at Trinity Hall for decades."

The atmosphere in Cambridge is reportedly very bad; The Guardian recently reported on the shameless efforts to protect offenders and marginalize victims, including efforts to rehabilitate Hutchinson himself.