Forevernote puts your life stories in print forever and it may be the greatest family gift you can give

Every family is chock full of stories. Stories of history, stories of memory, stories of accomplishment and stories of love. From a grandparent's tales of life decades ago to a couple's first meeting to amazing life experiences and moments that you wish could be preserved for future generations.

Unfortunately, we all don't have the literary talents of a Maya Angelou or a Doris Kearns Goodwin or other great biographers to truly do those stories justice in print. That's ok…because now, Forevernote has created a cool, affordable new way of immortalizing those key memories in quality keepsake books.

Essentially, Forevernote gives you your own biographer. Sign up yourself or a loved one for the service and whether you're looking to share a few short snippets of advice or a full detailed account of someone's life, a trained biographer will help you shape your narrative and get you ready for a one-on-one interview.

During the interview, the expert biographer will ask just the right questions, talking the subject through those key life moments to help capture all the memorable details from your stories.

After the interview, the Forevernote team transcribes audio into text, which you can personally edit yourself or you can enlist Forevernote's professional editing services. You can even add in photos as the design team crafts your custom keepsake hardcover book.

You'll get a PDF of your finished book for review, an audio recording of your interview and within a few weeks, your 30 to 40-page hardcover book will arrive.

If you're looking for a gift that will truly mean something, this could end up being the gift by which all others are judged. Regularly $199, you can get your Forevernote story told now for 25 percent off, only $149.99.