Master the second best-paid programming language in the U.S. with this beginner-friendly training

The biggest companies in the world rely on Python to power their technology and services, and more brands of all sizes are jumping on board. As the second best-paid programming language in the country, Python offers developers the chance to make an average of $120K a year. Take your career, and your salary, to the next level with this 12-course Complete 2020 Python Programming Certification Bundle.

If making bank like that sounds awesome, but you're not exactly a master coder, don't fret. With courses designed for students new to the language, you'll be just fine. Python is actually a great option for beginners because it's got simplicity and flexibility built into its makeup—it's easy to get started and jump right into building something, for that much-needed confidence bounce.

Throughout the 1,061 lessons, you'll understand how Python works and what it's good for while getting developing real-life applications. For example, you'll learn how to use Python for data science or data analytics, including NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib; clustering analysis and algorithms; implementing basic image processing and computer vision tasks using Jupyter Notebooks; how to solve 100 different Python assignments; and more.

This bundle includes a full 3-hour Keras (Google's powerful Deep Learning framework) Neural Network & Deep Learning Boot Camp. By gaining proficiency in Keras (and PyTorch and Tensorflow, which are also taught here) you can give your company a competitive edge (hello, positive performance review!). Ready for something more challenging? Learn to build advanced data visualization web apps using the Python Bokeh library, too.

Lifetime access to these courses prepares you for a career in web development by using real-world examples of data mining and datasets with Python. The Complete 2020 Python Programming Certification Bundle is available now for just $49.99, a savings of 97%.