This 10-foot cloth Lightning cable won't break like those fragile Apple cables and is only $15

While we all love our iPhones and iPads, celebrating the releases of their latest and greatest versions, it's amusing to consider how much we at the same time HATE the main item that keeps these little tech marvels powered up and working.

No, Lightning cables don't exactly inspire feelings of awe and wonder. It's more like…anger and frustration. That's because we all know that in a matter of weeks, and in many cases, just days, that freaking cable will get kinked, peeled, or frayed to the point of uselessness.

Apple-approved cables are as fragile as eggs and like everything from Cupertino, not exactly cheap. Instead, try out this 10-ft cloth MFi-Certified Lightning cable now at over 60 percent off its regular price, only $14.99.

Crafted from flexible, tangle-resistant cloth fiber, this cable is sturdy enough to survive real-world use while still delivering reliable power to your thirsty devices.

These MFi-certified connectors can handle all the syncing and charging tasks you need to be handled. And thanks to its generous 10-foot reach, you'll likely always have that extra little bit of cord needed to stay connected to your USB port or outlet even when it's across the room.

Regularly priced at $39.99, this $25 discount might make this a good time to stock up on a couple for all your various charging locations.