Heimdal Thor cleans up viruses, blocks future malware, and may just extend the life of your computer

If you remember your Norse mythology (or just watched Marvel's Thor movies), you're probably familiar with Heimdal, the god whose ever-watchful eye was entrusted with protecting the home of the gods in Asgard.

Back on Earth, Heimdal Thor is also the name of a security package from Heimdal Security, that's actually dedicated to much the same principle: protecting your home or business computer systems from viruses, malware, and other potentially crippling online security threats. Right now, they're offering some of their most powerful cyberattack preventative tools at up to 87 percent off.

First, Heimdal Thor Vigilance: Next-Gen Antivirus ($39.99; originally $249.75) is available as a first line of defense against online threats. Vigilance Home is lightweight, hassle-free software that uses both traditional and next-gen antivirus engines to root out cybercriminals, black malware, and stop viruses, APTs, ransomware, data leakage and a host of concerning digital problems that may infect your systems.

But sometimes, that may not be enough. Since the newest, most deceitful malware is created specifically to bypass most antivirus detection methods, Heimdal Thor Foresight Home: Malware Prevention Software ($49.99, originally $349.75) increases your protection.

Foresight Home gets proactive in the fight, assuring your systems are protected before they can ever be infected. It filters all internet traffic, blocks dicey sources that may distribute ransomware, throws another layer of security on your bank account and automatically spots and blocks any security holes found in your favorite apps.

Finally, Heimdal Thor Premium: All-in-One Security Suite ($59.99; originally $499.75) brings both Vigilance and Foresight's reactive and proactive measures together in one package, along with some unique threat prevention features that will have your computer and all its valuable information protected at all times.