The AVYA steam inhaler combines old-school remedies with new school technology

In our modern world, our usual first approach to combating an oncoming cold is to medicate it into oblivion. Sometimes, that carpet bombing pharmaceutical attack plan can knock out the congestion and discomfort of an illness before it settles in. But there's always something to be said for trying to put down the effects of a cold or allergy irritation with a more natural, holistic method.

As opposed to drug remedies, steam inhalers go at sinus issues with good old fashioned water vapor. You can enjoy the benefits of this time-tested technique with the AVYA Portable Steam Inhaler, which is now over 30 percent off its regular price at just $129.99.

Boiled water or saline solution produces a heated steam aerosol that travels deep into the nasal passages, thanks to Avya's patented technology. The vapors break up congestion, clear sinuses and relieve irritation or inflammation while draining mucus caused by colds, allergies, sinusitis or even the flu.

Even if you're just suffering from nasal or throat discomfort due to cold weather conditions, the AVYA inhaler can help hydrate and moisturize those airways and soothe those sensitive areas with an ancient and safe remedy.

Battery-operated and weighing less than 8 ounces, you can use the AVYA anywhere to get breathing relief instantly. The AVYA was backed by a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $344,000 and with a 4.2 out of 5 star Amazon rating, the unit is definitely winning over converts with its simple approach to nasal relief.

Of course, the right saline solution can help make a real difference in achieving that relief, so you can also choose from standard AVYA Nasal Saline Solution ($8.99, 70 percent off) or the more exotic Himalayan Aqueous saline variant ($16.99, 43 percent off), including a Himalayan salt saline formulation that contains 84 essential minerals to your health.

Regularly $189, you can get almost $60 off the price of the AVYA with this current offer, only $129.99.