Full stack developers make over $110,000 a year. You can join them with this training.

Full-stack developers are the real deal. With a full breadth of front end and back end programming knowledge and a complete understanding of how those worlds work together, they're the ones companies turn to when they really need development projects done right.

And with average base salaries over $110,000 a year, they're paid handsomely for all that expertise. While it isn't a simple balancing act, you can still learn all the skills needed to break into this in-demand field with the training in The 2020 Learn to Code Full Stack Developer Certification Bundle.

This career boot camp includes nine courses with combined 50-plus hours of in-depth instruction in all the various languages, platforms and tools that any full-service provider has to know in 2020 to thrive.

HTML Programming for Everyone and Intro to PHP for Web Development are comprehensive studies of HTML and PHP, two of the most foundational coding disciplines in web design and construction. Meanwhile, courses like the Microsoft SQL Server and T-SQL Course For Beginners open students up to database management training and the fundamentals of data analysis.

Any talk of analytics and hardcore big data invariably leads to Python, so the Using MySQL Databases with Python course as well as the Advanced Python Training are vital to knowing and using this programming language that's particularly robust within the data science realm.

Meanwhile, a trio of courses — The Complete C# Programming Course, Learn C# by Building Applications, and Beginner Object-Oriented Programming in C# & .NET Core — open up the world of C#, another modern programming tool known for its versatility and convenience.

You'll also get hands-on exposure to the art of app building as the Learn Angular by Creating a Web Application course walks you through the basics of app building platform Angular by building a cooking app that actually works.

Retailing at $1,650, this nine-course package is on sale now for only $38.97, more than 90 percent off the regular price.