Make your computer run like new with this top-rated junk cleaning software

Like any machine, your computer sometimes needs a tune-up, and the more you use it, the more likely it needs some TLC. Although, with plenty of rarely-used and obsolete files, tons of cache storage, extensions, and other power-hogs living on the hard drive, it's difficult to know what's safe to touch (i.e., delete) or even where to find things you'd want to get rid of.

Instead of taking chances with your all-important laptop or desktop computer, call in some professional help that doesn't actually involve making any calls. With a safe all-in-one solution utility, you can effortlessly run a scan of the disk and browsers to clean things up, manage sensitive files, and boost your CPU's speed and performance. This highly-reviewed offering from MacPaw is available for Mac and PC and will have your machine running like new in no time.

CleanMyPC: Junk Cleaner for Windows 7 & Higher

CleanMyPC will do exactly what its name implies. It gets rid of junk files, removes malware, keeps the Windows registry clean, shows you all the auto-run items so you can disable them, disables Hibernation mode to save gigabytes, and shreds sensitive files so they can't be recovered. It even scans your browsers to gather online activity for your review.

CleanMyPC is available now for $67.99, a savings of 24% on MSRP.

CleanMyMac X: Junk Cleaner for Mac 10.10 & Higher

The Mac version of this software is impressive. It frees up to 5 times more disk space, offers 2.5 times more optimized apps, and boasts 4 times faster boot time. CleanMyMac will take care of outdated caches, broken downloads, logs, and useless localizations. It will remove lurkers in iTunes, Mail, and Photos, and find gigabytes of hidden files for you to dispose of. Not to mention, it runs a check on your browsing history and fights malware, as well as adware, ransomware, and any macOS-specific -ware.

CleanMyMac X is available now for $67.99, a savings of 24% on MSRP.