Launch a kid's STEM career with a game console they can build themselves

As a parent, you likely start feeling a little guilty whenever you let your kid play video games for too long. Gaming is fun and most kids get completely enraptured, but you inevitably start thinking about all the more enriching and educational ways they could fill those hours spent rampaging through digital worlds and blasting enemies.

So how about a compromise? You'll let them dig deep into cool games on a fun gaming console…but they have to build the whole thing first. And we don't just mean plugging in controllers and making sure the AC cable is working.

The MAKERbuino Educational DIY Game Console is the perfect project for getting game-obsessed kids actually delving deeper into electronics and thinking about exactly how their games actually work. In fact, you may never find a more kid-friendly introduction to a STEM career than giving them the freedom to literally build their own gaming system.

Based on Arduino UNO electronics boards, this kit includes all the components and detailed instructions to help inquisitive youngsters or even curious oldsters assemble their very own working handheld gaming device with more than 30 preloaded games.

It does require some basic soldering and at least five hours to put together, so it's best for kids who are tweens or older, but no kid will feel more rewarded than after they've actually constructed a gaming device all on their own.

Compatible with Arduino expansion modules and programmed in open-source Arduino IDE, the most popular programming environment for makers, the MAKERbuino is ultra-customizable. With all of its compatibility, the MAKERbuino can connect to other devices with link cables, exchange data and also supports multiplayer gaming. Its only limits are your kid's ingenuity.

As a birthday or holiday gift, even a vacation or rainy day project, the MAKERbuino straddles the line perfectly between intellectually engaging and a whole lotta fun.

You can pick up a complete MAKERbuino kit with all the equipment to build your device right now for only $69.99.


MAKERbuino Educational DIY Game Console (Standard Kit) – $69.99

Build your gaming device for $69