These home office essentials will have your home feeling like a real office

The home office was kind of a joke for most of us. Sure, you called that room with a computer and a desk where you would very occasionally answer a work email or two "the home office." But it was really just the room where you kept your receipts and saved junk you'd probably never need, only to straighten it up twice a year when your mother-in-law came for a visit.

But now, it's time to get serious. The home office is now really the home office. This could be your true, professional base of operations for the foreseeable future, so you probably better get comfortable and fortified.

Right now, we've got 30 items that'll turn your spare room into a true place of business. From furniture to computer accessories to cool blue light shades, you can also get an added 15 percent of each of these deals right now when you enter the codeword SPRINGSAVE15 during checkout.


The desk is the true cornerstone of any office, but you'll have to decide exactly how much desk is right for you, your work and your available space. This Black Steel Frame Wooden Table Top Desk ($79.04 after discount; originally $114.78) is compact, minimalist furnishing that provides a whole bunch of open work area. You could also try the X-Leg Table Top Writing Desk ($135.99 after discount; originally $209.99), which fits easily into a corner and even includes two shelves just below the desktop for sneaky storage of some literary favorites.

Gamer desks

Gaming desks are engineered for users who intend to spend hour after hour in front of their monitors, so they always take comfort in mind. The Offex Overlord 45" Wide PC Gamer Computer Desk ($203.99 after discount; originally $316) has a beveled front cutout that keeps you closer to the monitor as well as gaming-centric features like a cup holder and a headphone hook that saves desktop space.

Meanwhile, the Zone 47" Wide PC Gamer Computer Desk ($212.49 after discount; originally $338) includes a power console with three grounded outlet receptors and 2 USB charging ports to keep your accessories powered. And in addition to its simulated carbon fiber finish, the Challenger 48" Wide PC Gamer Computer Desk ($203.99 after discount; originally $319) has plenty of room to organize your cables with a cord management hole and cover.

Standing desks

Of course, the desk that all the cool kids are using these days is the circulation-improving standing desk. Even if you're got a plain old sit-down desk, the Lift Sit-to-Stand Desk Accessory ($280.49 after discount; originally $399.99) can get you in on the trend, placed easily on top of an existing desk while variably raising the height by up to 15 inches. Or you can really jump in with both feet and do the standing thing right with the Surfer Electric Standing Desk ($680 after discount; originally $995). This sturdy classic wood finish desktop packs a dual-motor, 3-stage base that you can program to rise to 3 preset heights at the touch of a button.


If you've got a new desk, it has to be accompanied by a new chair, right? If you're looking for a chair to live in, this Gaming Chair with Removable Lumbar and Headrest Pillow ($186.99 after discount; originally $370) has adjustable posture positions and extra ergonomic headrest and lumbar pillow support to help hours in front of your computer not feel like hours.

If you're trying to flash a trendier look, the transparent design of the Casandra Clear Acrylic Task Chair ($195.49 after discount; originally $717.50) exudes elegance and functionality in spades.

Or if you're swinging for the titan of industry vibe, the AKRacing Office Series Onyx Deluxe Executive Chair ($331.49 after discount; originally $599) screams Big Baller. With leather upholstery, a wide frame and a Rock-It and Lock-It function for extra stability, this is a seat worthy of your personal Oval Office.

Keyboards and Mice

If your Mac accessories could use some sprucing up or if you just need a little Apple boost, you can get in on certified refurbished Apple Magic Keyboards ($84.99 after discount; originally $129.99) or Bluetooth rechargeable Apple Magic Mouse 2 models ($46.74 after discount; originally $79.99) that work just as good as new.

And while you're at it, the MagicGrips for Apple Magic Mouse 1 and 2 ($9.34 after discount; originally $14.99) are soft cushions that stick right to your Magic Mouse, offering a large concave surface while saving your wrists from the rigors of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Wearable tech

Your other option is to pick up the Tap Strap 2 ($144.49 after discount; originally $199), an all-in-1 wearable keyboard, mouse and controller that turns virtually any surface into tech. Just slide the gauntlet on to your fingers, tap an available surface, and you can suddenly type, click, drag, swipe or perform any computer operation you need on a paired Bluetooth device. It's an attention-grabber, for sure.

Desk accessories

Whether you're working from home, gaming or doing a dozen other tasks, you'll likely need headphones, which likely means you should also have a clean, convenient place to put those headphones.

The best place is completely out of sight, so The Anchor Under-Desk Headphone Stand Mount ($11.99 after discount; originally $19.99) sets that industrial-strength hook out of everyone's way on the underside of your desk. No unsightly cords that way, either. Or you can veer toward a more artisan feel with the Jokitech Walnut Wooden Aluminum Headphone Stand ($21.99 after discount; originally $59.99), including a saddle pad cushion, so your cans will always have a safe, protected spot on your desk.

If you don't have a great monitor to work with your Apple notebook, Mac Mini or iPad, the Apple MC914LL/B 27" Thunderbolt Display (Certified Refurbished) ($424.15 after discount; originally $999) can supercharge your device. The 27-inch LED-backlit screen blows everything to a viewable size while it also can power or charge up your device at the same time.

If you're missing that dual monitor setup you have at work, you can have your own version right on your laptop with the Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro Portable Dual Monitor ($179.35 after discount; originally $249). It adheres magnetically to your laptop, then flips up to 270 degrees for a true second screen experience for you, or flipped around as the perfect presentation monitor during a sales pitch or conference.

And for the nights all the work doesn't wrap up by 5 p.m., the Lumicharge V1.1 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp ($89.99 after discount; originally $119) not only brings multiple LED brightness levels to your space, it's also got an integrated universal smartphone charging dock and an additional USB port for all your charging needs.


Hey, did somebody mention chargers? It's a major consideration with all this tech — and since some of it charges wirelessly, the Wireless Charging Mouse Pad ($16.99 after discount; originally $25.99) can get all your Qi-enabled devices up to full power without a wire in sight.

If you want to turn your laptop into the centerpiece of a mobile workstation, this 9-in-1 Docking Station Stand ($69.99 after discount; originally $99.99) stretch beyond the simple USB connection to include HDMI, RJ451, SD Card/Micro SD card readers as well for loads of simultaneous hookups.

ProBASE offers a pair of great monitor stand charging options, like the ProBASE C Aluminum Monitor Stand ($119.99 after discount; originally $139) with four ports, a subtle style and a concealed drawer to help you further organize your space and reduce clutter. Meanwhile, the ProBASE X Laptop/Monitor Stand and 6-in-1 Hub ($144.99 after discount; originally $159) expand your plug-in possibilities with an SD/microSD slot, an ethernet port and even an 18 watt QC/PD charging port.

But if six or even nine ports aren't enough, the CASA Hub Pro 11-in-1 Full-Function Charging Transmission Hub ($140.99 after discount; originally $179) has you power users covered with a whopping 11 available connection ports. From your laptop to your peripherals to every device you've got to connect, this hub is ready to accommodate.

Blue light glasses

The blue light from digital devices can play havoc, increasing eye strain, prompting headaches and throwing your sleep patterns all out of whack. Whether you go with the Swanwick Crystal Day Swannies ($76.49 after discount; originally $109) or the Swanwick Classic Night Swannies ($42.49 after discount; originally $69), they each offer balanced protection from their harmful effects.