Stream movies for free from Amazon Prime, no membership required

We're sheltering in place with my sister-in-law's family while COVID-19 continues to rip humanity a new asshole. I love my family, but my nine year old nephew, who's been home from school for two weeks, is driving me insane. He's watched every episode of Captain Underpants at least twenty times. I've given up on wondering why anyone's cool with nearly naked middle-aged man hanging out with a couple of kids and have started reciting lines from the show.

I've been desperate for something, anything to fill the air while my noise-cancelling headphones recharge. Happily, Jeff Bezos has answered my prayers.

From TechCrunch:

Amazon is making a selection of family-friendly and programming for kids available for free streaming on Prime Video as a result of the COVID-19 health crisis, which has people trapped at home. The content is available to all Amazon customers, and includes a mix of Amazon Original kid and family shows as well as select third-party family movies and TV series licensed from studio partners.

Amazon says it's continuing to work with content partners to widen the selection over time.

While we apparently can't expect the world's wealthiest man to pay his front line employees a decent wage (although Amazon will soon pay a premium for its employees to continue to risk their ass) or guarantee their income if they get sick serving the rest of us,  but hey: free cartoons.

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