Boris and the Bomb: a fast paced and funny indie flick that is now on Amazon Prime

Boris and the Bomb was a fantastic way to spend a night not thinking about the coronavirus.

Boris is my kind of hero. He mostly just wants to be left the fuck alone.

Boris and the Bomb is an absurd action-adventure, directed by David Kronmiller and focused on a reluctant former KGB agent who just happens to have been hiding the nuke he stole on his way out the service for 30 years.

J. Anthony McCarthy plays Boris, a lumbering Russian bear of a man who has evidently spent the last 30+ years hiding the fact that he has a nuke. For some reason, now is the time Boris needs to get rid of the bomb and so he hops in a rideshare and the adventure begins.

The film is part slapstick, part absurdist comedy. Boris and the Bomb's non-stop action reminded me of the recent DC Harley Quinn movie and the humor reminds me of the legendary Hudson Hawk. The action rolls, giant gaping plot holes, and unexplained god knows what occurs... but you do not care at all because the pace just keeps screaming along!

I understand that only about $3000 of the $10k raised to make this film was able to be used on actual production (permits and food are evidently a thing.) Color me impressed!

The film is available gratis if you are an Amazon Prime member.

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Stream movies for free from Amazon Prime, no membership required

We're sheltering in place with my sister-in-law's family while COVID-19 continues to rip humanity a new asshole. I love my family, but my nine year old nephew, who's been home from school for two weeks, is driving me insane. He's watched every episode of Captain Underpants at least twenty times. I've given up on wondering why anyone's cool with nearly naked middle-aged man hanging out with a couple of kids and have started reciting lines from the show.

I've been desperate for something, anything to fill the air while my noise-cancelling headphones recharge. Happily, Jeff Bezos has answered my prayers.

From TechCrunch:

Amazon is making a selection of family-friendly and programming for kids available for free streaming on Prime Video as a result of the COVID-19 health crisis, which has people trapped at home. The content is available to all Amazon customers, and includes a mix of Amazon Original kid and family shows as well as select third-party family movies and TV series licensed from studio partners.

Amazon says it’s continuing to work with content partners to widen the selection over time.

While we apparently can't expect the world's wealthiest man to pay his front line employees a decent wage (although Amazon will soon pay a premium for its employees to continue to risk their ass) or guarantee their income if they get sick serving the rest of us,  but hey: free cartoons.

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The Expanse season four arrives on December 14th

I'm a few years late to the Expanse party, but I am totally into it. I just finished devouring season two on Saturday evening and will likely dig into the third season later this week. Late or not, it looks like my catching up on this pretty damn delightful bit of sci-fi is timely because LOOK: the trailer for season four just popped!

Being as I'm not an Amazon Prime member, it could be some time before I get to watch it, but it's good to know that the saga of the Rocinante is gonna keep on keeping on. You can catch season four, starting on December 14th. Read the rest

Cinesift is a handy way to find great movies by platform

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