Canva Pro can be the ultimate design tool for all us non-designers

Companies that don't have their own in-house design teams (which means 99 percent of all companies these days) face lots of serious questions. Among those questions is how you keep up with all the design requirements of a 21st-century company without the personnel.

It isn't just a website or an annual product catalog anymore. It's promotional materials, both physical and digital. It's a fundamental brand identity building. And that doesn't even scratch the surface on the design needs of a company that wants a robust social media or app presence.

It can be a lot for the non-artist tasked with getting everything done. A Pro subscription to Canva is one of the tools that can help even graphically-challenged creators come up with beautiful, professional-grade work in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise.

Canva is a design and marketing service that lets creators assemble attractive materials like posters, logos, presentations, flyers, cards and social media art in a matter of minutes. From over 60,000 templates across a variety of categories, users maneuver the easy-to-access interface and can literally drag and drop customized fonts, images, and even video content right into their project.

With Canva, your library of available resources is truly massive. You can choose from over 4 million different photos and graphics to give your project the individual spark that it needs. Of course, if nothing grabs you, you can always upload your own images, fonts, and logos and import them right into your work. Meanwhile, Canva Pro's nifty Magic Resize feature allows you to instantly crop, save and export your work or any part of your work to just the size and format you want for exporting.

The ease and massive assortment of features have enamored millions to Canva, which holds a stellar 4.7 out of 5-star rating from more than 2.5 million Apple App Store and Google Play users.

A three-month subscription to all Canva Pro access had to offer would normally cost $38.85, but right now, you can score the full 90-day subscription for a third of that price, just $12.99.