That home office may be your office for a while. These accessories can bring it to life.

There are definite benefits to the whole work from home thing. The commute is a breeze. The dress code is supremely casual. And your boss has to work a lot harder to actually find you.

Despite the joys, there are still some clear downsides to the whole home office thing as well. Job focus can suffer. Boundaries between work life and home life can blur. And sometimes, working from your dining room table just doesn't put you in the right frame of mind to do the job.

We can help with that one.

Below are a handful of cool accessories that can help turn your home workspace into something a little more official.  From your chair to your wall art to the very air you breathe, each of these items can start changing any room into the office you've always wanted.

Breathe right

From the stale recycled air of your real workplace to the leftover odors of last night's fish fry dinner in your kitchen, the air you breathe sets the stage for your workday.

You can start that day in a zenned-out place with Langria Soy Wax Scented Candles ($14.99; originally $32.99). This set of 6 attractive glass-encased aromatherapy candles with sensual and calming smells like mint, lemon, rose, lavender, and vanilla work great for yoga, meditation..or for dealing with communication or tech frustrations at your remote desk.

For those battling rooms that are too hot, too cold or just too darn drafty, the Twin Energy Saving Door Draft Stopper ($16.99; originally $41.99) is a double-sided insulated draft guard that creates an air-tight seal on your door to help regulate temperature, save money on energy costs and even keep pesky insects at bay.

Of course, nothing clears the air like a solid purifier, so the TechCare Smart Air Purifier with HEPA Filters and Silent Comfort ($109.99; originally $189.95) brings an advanced three-stage filtration system with high-efficiency filters to help swab 99.97 percent of air particulates while knocking down odors, dust, mold or allergens in your air.

Or you can try out the medical-grade filters in the world's smallest commercial particulate sensor, the Wynd Plus: Smart Personal Air Purifier with Air Quality Sensor ($174.99; originally $199.95). Just the size of a water bottle, this portable air station not only kills 99 percent of mucus and other pathogen-carrying particles out of your air using anti-microbial silver, it's also constantly monitoring your environment and issuing warnings so you can make any needed fixes to stay healthy.

Get comfortable

There may be no bigger factor in your day to day productivity than how you sit as you try to get everything done.

And since comfort is king, the Loungie Micro-Suede 5-Position Adjustable Modern Flip Chair ($159.99; originally $518) is ready with five different tilt positions so you can sit, lean or even fully recline your way. And if a long day should turn into a long night, you can even turn into into a makeshift mat, mattress or a bed to catch a few winks before you dive back in.

Of course, no furnishing screams comfort louder than a bean bag chair. The Loungie Magic Pouf 3-in-1 Convertible Bean Bag ($99.99; originally $290.50) can serve as a chair, an ottoman or a floor pillow in any of its transformer-esque configurations. Not to mention those lightweight, eco-friendly foam beads inside make for some pleasant sitting.

Power up

Productivity takes a dive when devices run out of juice, so the Crave PowerHUB Pro 75W 4-in-1 Device Charger ($47.99; originally $79.99) and its PD, QC 3.0, and standard 2.4A USB ports make sure that never happens.

Meanwhile, the other option is wireless charging that practically looks like desk art. The Tree of Light Wireless Charger, Bluetooth Speaker and LED Lamp ($129.95; originally $149.99) pack in all those features, with a gorgeous cherry wood shade that would stand out even if it wasn't so functional. It charges Qi-enabled devices, pairs via Bluetooth, adjusts with touch controls and — once again — it looks fantastic.

Bling out your desk

Speaking of desk accessories, no work space is complete without just the right touch of function, purpose and visual splendor.

Your day to day thoughts and experiences shouldn't be chronicled in a Google doc. With "The Future Belongs" Handmade Leather Quote Journal ($45.99; originally $50), you can class up your memoirs or tales of life adventures with this leather-bound, embossed, sturdily-constructed tome to tell your story with style.

In case your home office is window-deficient, the Aura Daylight Lamp ($94.99) can help. It not only lights your space, it does it using BL40 light therapy, clinically proven to relieve symptoms of the winter blues while restoring the circadian rhythms that regulate your internal body clock.

For those looking for even more peace from their desk, how about an entire ecosystem teeming with life? The AquaSprouts Garden ($159.99; originally $179.95) sits on top of your desktop aquarium, draws nutrients from the waste of your fish, then feeds it to the garden bed to grow any assortment of fruits and vegetables. You get to watch the entire circle of Earth life right in front of you every day.

And if unquestioned beauty is your thing (and honestly…who can't get behind that?), the Rose Box Medium Square White Box and Everlasting Roses ($201.99; originally $229) gives you 16 beautiful red roses from Ecuador to brighten your space, each preserved to stay fresh for an entire year.

Don't forget the walls

You can't stay hunched over your desk every minute. At some point, you're going to want to lean back and take in your area — and that should include some engaging wall art.

While the Major League baseball season may be delayed, you can still feel like the game is always a part of you with a Ballpark Blueprint ($47.99; originally $60). These hand-rendered, frame-ready 18×24 drawings feature eight different ballparks in gorgeous detail from LA's Dodger Stadium to Chicago's Wrigley Field to New York's original Yankee Stadium.

Finally, this Art Block Framed "Sneaker" by HR-FM ($119.95) print is the definition of cool modern design. Framed in a black-stained, 2-inch Ashwood frame, this work by popular Japan's digital art rising star HR-FM makes for an endlessly entertaining viewing experience for you and any visitors to your workspace away from home.