Get all the Photoshop and Lightroom training you need to create glorious images

Have you ever had more time to hone in on fine details than right now? Sure, at first glance, this might not seem like the time to get tripped up on the nitty-gritty of minutia. But how often are you ever going to have this much time to really stop and think about hows and whys and make a truly informed, truly considered decision about anything?

Like which Adobe photo editing app do you need, Photoshop or Lightroom?

The debate has raged for years — but since they're both hugely popular with their own idiosyncratic skill sets, now's the time to be a real imaging expert in both with the training in The Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for Beginner Designers Bundle.

The collection spans nine courses over 27 hours of instruction, all coming from one trusted authority you can count on to explain these elite apps. In fact, Marcin Mikus has legions of former students endorsing his curriculum, notching a 4.3-out-of-5 star rating for over 250,000 reviewers.

While both Adobe programs get plenty of attention here, the lion's share of your training will naturally fall on learning Photoshop, the undisputed king of image editing software. Mikus' beginner-friendly coursework will get you familiar with all the app's basic controls, then get you started working on a batch of projects to hone your skills, including retouching landscapes and adjusting portraits.

Once you're up and running with Photoshop, various courses focus in on more specific, yet highly useful training practice, helping students work with layers, curves and masks as well as LUT color fixes. The training even helps you become a better photographer by helping you make key light, shadow and exposure adjustments to improve your shots before they ever find their way into Photoshop.

While Photoshop usually hogs the majority of the headlines, Lightroom has plenty of devoted fans as well for its versatility without ever losing your original images and its vast organizational and storage systems that Photoshop doesn't possess.

Courses here explain how to create expert presets to speed up your editing, individual color profiles to enhance the brilliance of your images and assembling your own logical albums and work bins so you'll always be able to find any photo anytime.

Collectively valued at nearly $1,800, you can get this entire package of image editing training for only $39.99.