Judge denies former LA sheriff Lee Baca request for early prison release because of coronavirus

Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, the incarcerated corrupt law enforcement chief who was fond of giving himself awards, campaigning against marijuana legalization, encouraging prison rape, wrongfully imprisoning people, locking up nonviolent people who possessed drugs, and horribly mistreating inmates, asked a judge to release him from federal prison in Texas because of coronavirus. Baca also thought it was a good time to ask to have his conviction and sentence vacated. But U.S. District Judge Percy Anderson denied the request, according to Los Angeles Times. "Sadly, there is no safe location," said the judge.

From LA Times:

Federal prosecutors had opposed Baca's release while fighting to have his conviction and sentence vacated. In a filing last week, the U.S. attorney's office in Los Angeles reminded Anderson of his own comments when handing down a prison sentence: The once-respected sheriff had committed a "'gross abuse of the public trust,' 'blind obedience to a corrupt culture' and betrayal of the 'core values'" he once espoused." The prosecutors were unswayed by Baca's bid for exceptional treatment.

Image: By ScottMLiebensonOwn work, CC0, Link