Work in a $17k shed

Starting at $9k and configurable up to $17k or thereabouts, the Dwellito Mini Office is an 8ft square "quiet place to work" (i.e. a shed) that will be delivered to your door. An extension cord is $31 extra, and they'll even include this Dyson fan [Amazon] for another $600.

A Mini-Office,
Delivered to Your Door

Give yourself a quiet place to work with a mini office next to your home. In 6 to 8 weeks, you could have a pre-built office delivered to your front door, starting at $9,000.

A lot of smart people have no idea how much things cost.

For those able to, it's a perfect time to learn how to build a she—sorry, a Mini Office: the big box hardware stores are still open, they all sell framing lumber, OSB and plywood sheets, roofing materials and even those big old ultramodern windows and doors, and they'll even rent you a pickup to take it all home for another $30 plus mileage.