Adobe Illustrator is the Swiss Army knife of art apps. This training can make you an expert.

Even in their well-stocked pantry of digital goodies, Illustrator might be the most stealthily powerful app that Adobe's popular Creative Cloud offers. As the go-to platform to create virtually any scalable vector graphic project, its versatility is mostly unmatched, even by its more famous sibling Adobe Photoshop.

Of course, learning how to harness all that creative power is another story. While you've got a few extra hours to kill these days, now's a great time to go deep exploring the vast capabilities of this foundational graphic design tool with the training in The Ultimate Adobe Illustrator's Guidebook Certification Bundle.

Whether you're a CC first timer or just could use some extra practice with everything Illustrator can do, this collection brings together nine courses from some top instructors to explain and explore it all.

Four courses here lay the groundwork for beginners, advancing from understanding basics, exploring lines and brushes and using the pen tool to color management, creating vector shapes and typographies and how to do processes like image traces. Using those lessons on some real-world examples like redrawing famous logos will start giving you a firm command of everything Illustrator can do.

The training advances from there, helping students tackle increasingly more difficult projects, yet always using actual hands-on training examples to help reinforce the learning.

A course like Digital Design Masterclass for Graphic Designers With Adobe goes deep on digital design theory training in icon design, website layout, digitizing sketches, eBook cover design, social media campaign design, and more; while Master Popular Graphic Design Projects gets into specific media for you to create like building your own package designs, digital assets, social media graphics, album art, magazine covers, layout spreads and beyond.

Whether you're a freelancer, want to work at a graphic design firm or just have an assortment of artistic ambitions, you'll also find courses for crafting your own logos from concept through execution as well as guides for creating striking design work for t-shirts and other merchandising outlets like Merch By Amazon, RedBubble, Etsy, Sunfrog and more.

The courses pack in over 50 hours of Illustrator training for less than $4 per course, just $34.99.