Kill house plants because you don't know how to water? The Dewplanter does it all for you.

Almost all of us enjoy the idea of having some live plants in our homes. Unfortunately, some of us who would like to think we have a green thumb really only have hands of death when it comes to our unsuspecting flora friends.

And the number 1 killer of innocent house plants? Overwatering. Oh, and by the way…the number 2 killer? That would be under-watering. Finding just the right watering sweet spot to keep house plants happy and thriving is often as elusive as trying to keep a leash on the Tiger King. It just isn't going to happen.

The water generating planter known as the Dewplanter was created to take that question right off your hands and, hopefully, keep a few more house plants from meeting a grizzly, desiccated end.

After you plant your growth in this 6 x 6.5 x 5.5-inch planting area, the Dewplanter will take care of all your watering duties on its own. The Dewplanter actually works to condense moisture right out of the air, creating clean filtered water that's used to feed the growth of your plant. You can set the unit to run for various lengths of time, all so you can control the exact amount of water needed to make your plant healthy and well-fed.

The Dewplanter works with almost any variety of house plant, although it does work best with low maintenance plants like Chinese evergreens, Asparagus ferns, money plants, African violets, rubber plants and more.

Not only does it watch over your plants, but just over the course of its duties, the Dewplanter also doubles as a handy humidifier, helping to balance moisture levels in small humid spaces like a bathroom with precision. A day of processing can generate up to 10 ounces of water a day, so it should be enough to make sure no plant suffers like your past failures.

Enjoy the pleasures of owning house plants without doing a lick of work to actually preserve them thanks to the Dewplanter, a $59 value now just $38.99 with this offer.