Get unparalleled muscle pain relief with this patened mountable ball massager

Trying to relieve your own muscle aches without medication is usually an exercise coupling maddening frustration with the contortionism of a Jim Carrey routine. Trying to reach ailing muscle groups in your back, shoulders or legs on your own is often just futility, never getting the right angle, pressure or motion to make any headway in breaking up tightness and trying to roll discomfort.

Sure, you could pay a massage therapist to knead your muscles the right way, but it's usually expensive and difficult to schedule. And under our current conditions, it's essentially impossible.

Instead, the makers of the Vertiball have come up with a novel way to essentially turn suction and your own body weight into all the equipment you need to help release tension and promote muscle recovery all by yourself.

The Vertiball uses a patented mounting system with industrial-grade suction to adhere to any flat surface. No matter whether you're sticking it to painted drywall, metal or even plastic surfaces, the Vertiball locks into place and can even hold over 100 lbs. of weight without wavering.

Once you've got the Vertiball positioned, then just use your own motion and body weight to roll your muscles over the 360-degree rotating ball's firm, yet pleasing touch. You have full control over how much pressure to use, angling the ball's precision focal point right to the painful areas that need relief the most.

Users can fire up the Vertiball to combat headaches and neck pain, improve circulation, enhance sleep and relaxation and increase range of motion as it naturally cures muscle pain and promotes faster recovery.

When you're finished rolling it out, just unlock the attachment, unclamp the mounting system and the whole thing slips back into a purse or gym bag for use virtually anywhere.

Since your next workout could be only hours away — and your next massage appointment considerably longer, the Vertiball is a simple, easy, effective method for working out those tired muscles anywhere you are.

Regularly $64.99, you can save $15 right now and get the Vertiball for only $49.99.


Vertiball™ Massager: The World's First Mountable Muscle Massager – $49.99

Be pain free for $49.99