It's 4/20 and these pipes, grinders, and vapes can help you celebrate the right way

With everything happening these days, it seems like celebrating anything on April 20th — otherwise known as 420 — might feel a bit…unorthodox. Maybe celebrating isn't even the right word for this quasi-holiday. Maybe it's more of a solemn observance of a day that means so much to so many.

In honor of 420, we decided you could commemorate by leveling up your game with these 10 pipes, grinders and vaporizers that can bring the true meaning of the day into focus.


Freeze Pipe – $59.99; originally $120

Experiencing harsh throat and chest burn is no way to enjoy your smoke, so the Freeze Pipe cools it all down. Inside the glass bowl, a freezable glycerin coil chills your smoke by over 300 degrees, which means you get an ultra-smooth, icy-cold pull for akin to a much more expensive water bong.

Genius Pipe – $64.99; originally $99.95

The stylish, durable and quick-cleaning Genius Pipe eliminates glass entirely, creating an extremely portable, simple alternative that slips into your pocket for smoking on the go. Your herb is stored inside the integrated bowl, so all you have to do is light up and inhale.


Red and White Ball Grinder – $7.99; originally $14.99

If you want fun, this three-piece grinder's sharp teeth perfectly shred any herb or spice for increased potency. Just add your herb or leaves, twist the top and you've got finely ground pieces. Plus, it looks exactly like a red and white ball! Fun!

Aluminum Herb Grinder with Extra-Large Window – $11.99; originally $29.99

Of course, if you're more about the business of a fine grind, the sleek sheen of this military-grade aircraft aluminum grinder just screams respect. Powerful earth magnets grind the teeth easily to pulverize your herb, which is efficiently stored in the removable glass jar compartment.


Hippie Nano Plus Vaporizer – $19.99; originally $34.99

The Hippie Nano Plus is the world's smallest vaporizer for waxy oils and liquid. This tiny, easily portable vape features a changeable voltage control and even a pre-heating function for discrete, quick enjoyment. The Plus also comes with a magnetic connector for even quicker cartridge exchange.

SAUC Starter Kit: Lead-free Cannabinoid Delivery System – $24.99; originally $49.99

The SAUC vape device produces a smooth and consistent vapor every draw, whether you're using liquids, oils or CBD and THC cannabinoid. And unlike less secure models, the SAUC is lead-free, ensuring no heavy metals ever seep into your material.

Hippie Bee Vaporizer – $29.99; originally $39.99

Ergonomically designed with an integrated rechargeable battery, magnetic 2mL refillable pod, and a unique U-shaped airflow, the Bee fits right in the palm of your hand for a reliable, comfortable smoking experience. And a portion of each Bee sold is donated to the New York Bee Sanctuary, helping build bee sanctuaries and bring awareness to the bee's place in the world's ecosystem.

NOX V2 Vaporizer Simple Kit + Refillable Liquid Pod Set – $32.99; originally $40.40

This next-gen pod system vaporizer uses easy-to-fill detachable magnetic pods for unprecedented freedom for vaping liquid or oil. Fully recharged in just 30 minutes, the NOX is designed to give a smooth, flavorful and consistent draw with no-button auto-draw technology.

The Hippie W – $39.95; originally $49

Unlike other wax vaporizers, the ultra-popular Hippie W uses a full ceramic chamber and a glass mouthpiece to concentrate the vapor. It fires up with the touch of a button, is easy to clean and recharges quickly via micro USB.

CloudV Chrome Vaporizer – $44.99; originally $64.99

The pocket-sized CloudV Chrome features a first of its kind patented oval-shaped atomizer so you can pack in more herb while its powerful battery adjusts your voltage settings for just the draw you want. That battery is also designed to accommodate your favorite 510 threaded oil atomizers right to the Chrome battery.