Is your home office giving you carpal tunnel? This ergonomic mouse can help fix that

As many of us all settle into our new home office situations, there's a distinct possibility this could be the new status quo for quite some time. A bad chair or a less than ergonomically supportive posture might have been passable when you sat at your home office desk for an hour or two here and there, but now that it's your home base for 8-plus hours a day, you need to be thinking about long-term comfort as well.

If you've never experienced carpal tunnel syndrome, it's very real — and can be very painful. Luckily, using a mouse designed to mitigate that and other awkward work postures like the Sinji Ergonomic Mouse can make that one of the new order concerns that won't plague your day.

Rather than the traditional mouse shape, the Sinji is designed vertically, a patented shape that supports your hand in an upright neutral position, reducing the rotation in your lower arm and makes your whole arm more relaxed. With that kind of support, you avoid the pain and damage that comes from the overextending and twisting that natural mouse movements put on your wrist and forearm.

Created for both Mac and PC users, the wireless, battery-operated Sinji also sports adjustable buttons and LED light-emitting edging so you can see in low light situations. It even lets you adjust the speed of your cursor in case you need to speed up or low down your pace.

While cars are redesigned every year with more user-friendly features, the old-school mouse design is 40 years old and played out for function, efficiency and user comfort. So advance your computing to the 21st century by picking up a Sinji Ergonomic Mouse, originally $33, but now nearly half off that price, only $17.95 while this offer lasts.


Sinji Ergonomic Mouse – $17.95

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