Google Script brings the full power of Google right into your app builds and this training can help you master it

Google Apps Script might be one of the most popular "cheat codes" in all of programming. Of course, it's not really a cheat, per se. It's actually just a lightweight, simplified coding method for integrating the vast wealth of data in Google's suite of apps, everything from Google Sheets to Gmail to Google Docs to YouTube, right into your own build.

If you're building an app and want to access import data from a CSV file into a Google Sheet spreadsheet, or you want to automate mailings from a Gmail account or any of dozens of simple, yet efficient processes, then Google Apps Script should be in your skillset. The training in The Increase Your Google App Productivity with Google Script Bundle can show you all you need to know to navigate the entire scene like a pro.

The training starts the introductory level Google Apps Script Complete Course: Beginner to Advanced. Here, even first time users get a velvet glove experience learning Script, how it operates and the ways you can use it to power up your app projects immediately.

Three follow-up courses take that baseline knowledge and offer up different Script projects to highlight the wealth of abilities available to users. In Google Apps Script Projects, students follow the steps for creating virtual databases within a Google spreadsheet. Then Google Apps Script 2020: Build 16+ Fun Projects Sites takes the learning further with easy-to-follow projects like creating auto-response emails, incorporating YouTube Video and more.

Finally, Google Apps Google Script: Content System Web App Project focuses on bringing in other coding staples, including source code from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap that can add multiple layers of extra productivity to any app.

Students will also learn a 12-step guide to automating Tweets through Google Script, how to expanding the marketing power and autonomy of Gmail and the method for creating your own quiz app from scratch using Google Sheets.

A $1,400 training package, you can save hundreds by picking up this deal at the current discounted price of just $34.99.