The CleanKey cuts your exposure to infected surfaces by opening doors and pressing buttons for you

We all know it's a different world out there now than the one where we made New Year's resolutions and waited for the end of winter just a few months ago. If you weren't a germaphobe then, it's likely the onset of COVID-19 has at least made you much more conscious of the spread of dangerous germs and other bacterial contaminants that live in the world around us every day.

And if we're all being honest…it's probably got you a little freaked out.

The only way to combat the spread of harmful germs is to limit exposure, which is why the CleanKey Antimicrobial Brass Hand Tool was invented.

The virus that causes COVID-19 can live on common surfaces for several hours or even several days, so the CleanKey helps limit the number of times you have to touch or potentially be infected by a contagious countertop, door handle or push button.

The CleanKey barely measures over 3.5 inches long. Yet, by using the CleanKey to press buttons, open doors and pull levels, you reduce your point of contact area with potentially contaminated surfaces.

Its ergonomic design slips into your hand comfortably and with the retractable carabiner, it hooks easily to your house keys, purse or other items.

The CleanKey also works with touchscreens, allowing you to push buttons or even sign your name safely and without causing any damage to the screen.

These days, every little bit of precaution helps — and it could save you from a body-wrecking illness or worse. You can pick up a CleanKey Antimicrobial Brass Hand Tool now for only $19.99, a $5 savings off the regular price.