This putting mat combines golf and beer pong for an epic backyard game

PutterBall is the game America needs right now.

NBA arenas are dark. Baseball stadiums remain locked tight. And there's no way of knowing if your favorite NFL team's pursuit of a Super Bowl will happen as scheduled this year. It may not be one of life's biggest concerns right now, but American sports are just one facet of our lives left in utter disarray by the current global upheaval.

All of which might just clear the way for PutterBall to become America's new sport of choice.

Ok, maybe that's a stretch, but it's hard not to agree that this goofy, unique combination of golf and beer pong is opening up a whole new realm of backyard sports. And if you've got 12 feet of space inside, it's even a fun, entertaining way to burn an hour — or several hours — while you're under quarantine.

PutterBall plays much like the college perennial beer pong. Just roll out the board made of high-quality, high-density, durable, lightweight foam, grab a putter and be the first team to sink a shot into all six cups. Of course, there are some twists and turns along the way, but if you understand golf…or mini-golf…or just drinking and having some fun, the game should fall into place pretty easily.

We'll even let you in on a secret — you don't need to be any good at golf to become a PutterBall king or queen. Of course, a short game doesn't hurt, but whether you're playing on the beach, in the park, in your backyard, at a tailgate or even at your workplace, enthusiasm, a little practice and some liquid courage could be all you need to unlock the heart of a champion.

The set includes everything you need, from the board to the putters to the balls, even the turf hole covers.

PutterBall has already won over fans at outlets like Golf Digest, so there's no telling when we might start seeing the first televised PutterBall tournaments. It can only be a matter of time…

The complete PutterBall set is usually $189.95, but right now, you can knock $30 off the price and start playing now for only $159.99.