Trump calls U.S. Postal Service 'a joke,' threatens defunding if it won't raise Amazon's rate

“The Postal Service is a joke,” said the President of the United States.

Yes, it's time for "Oh fuck what did the rabid shitgibbon do this time," and the answer is: threaten to block federal aid for the U.S. Postal Service unless it agrees to raise prices for online companies like Yep, another day in 2020.

If USPS complied with Trump's demand and raised prices on packages, this would hurt American consumers.

Many are forced to depend on packages during the coronavirus outbreak, under stay-at-home orders to slow the spread of COVID-19.

From Reuters:

"The Postal Service is a joke. Because they're handing out packages for Amazon and other internet companies, and every time they bring a package, they lose money on it," Trump told reporters in the Oval Office. "The Post Office should raise the price of a package by approximately four times."

The president also accused post office officials of being "very cozy" with big online merchants.

Trump made the remarks at a ceremony to sign a $484 billion coronavirus relief bill designed to help small businesses and hospitals and assist in testing for the virus, which has killed more than 50,000 Americans.

The Postal Service has said that it may not be able to continue service past September without help. The U.S. Congress has authorized the Treasury Department to lend it up to $10 billion as part of an earlier $2.3 trillion coronavirus stimulus package.

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Trump threatens to block aid for U.S. post office if it does not raise prices for Amazon