Florida governor DeSantis says the state is reopening Monday

DeSantis announced Florida reopening same day as 350 new COVID-19 cases and 47 new deaths confirmed

This is fine.

This is totally fine.

Nobody will get infected with coronavirus or die of COVID-19 because the governor of Florida is prematurely lifting stay-at-home restrictions to slow the spread of a deadly pandemic, without enough protections in place, and with no science and no data supporting his claim it's safe.

It's not safe.

This is not fine.

From NBC News:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis unveiled a plan Wednesday to lift the state's stay-at-home orders amid the coronavirus crisis that he called "safe, smart, and step-by-step."

The plan will go into effect on Monday in every county except Dade, Palm Beach and Broward counties, where most of the Covid-19 cases in the state have been reported, DeSantis said.

But before DeSantis released any details, he took a swipe at the "doom and gloom" media and critics who faulted him for the state's slow response to the unfolding crisis.

"A lot has been done to promote fear," DeSantis said. "We haven't seen an explosion of new cases."

That said, 83 people died in Florida from the coronavirus on Tuesday, the biggest spike in daily deaths since the plague started.

The restrictions that have been in place in the Sunshine State since early April — and which were set to expire Friday — will be lifted "in a very measured, thoughtful and data-driven way," DeSantis promised earlier.

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