While you've got time, unlock over 1,000 IT and developer training courses for just $80

You've probably heard somebody say it the past few weeks. If you leave the house after quarantine without at least one new professional skill under your belt, you wasted a prime opportunity.

Of course, there are plenty of reasons a worldwide pandemic may not have been the best time to learn to be a web developer or how to edit video, but there's no denying the opportunity is there to put a potentially impactful new bullet point on your resume.

LearnNow has been delivering top-flight online educational experiences for a quarter-century. Now, with this LearnNow Complete Developer and IT Pro Library offer, you can essentially open that vault of endless learning options — and pick the bone clean.

LearnNow is a go-to training resource for companies that want their employees to become versed in all the latest apps and digital procedures — companies like Microsoft, Intel, AT&T, and more. That's why LearnNow has created a stockpile of more than 1,000 courses, covering almost any conceivable IT and software development training available anywhere.

With that kind of volume, you'll not only be prepared to find instruction in the subject you want, but all kinds of associated training opportunities as well to truly flesh out the experience. The back catalog of LearnNow courses covers virtually any topic users ever need to learning, Whether you're looking for cloud expertise with AWS or Azure, coding tutorials on Python, C# or others, app and hardware background like Linux training or SQL database proficiency, or skill-based courses in cybersecurity and more, they're all here.

If you want to code, maybe try a Java or Open Source course. If you're a project manager, there are loads of courses in Agile, PMP, PRINCE and more. You can get full training in the entire  Microsoft Office suite to boost your administrative value, or plunge into Adobe Creative Cloud courses in Photoshop, Illustrator or others to push your creative boundaries.

After so many years of training, LearnNow has also developed a curriculum based on helping students pick a method of learning that works best for them. From lectures to readings to video presentations, courses offer a variety of options, all taught by knowledgeable experts with years of training in their field of choice.

A lifetime of access to over 1,000 LearnNow courses would normally cost you over $1,800, but with the current offer, the entire package is available now for only $79.99.