Man arrested on felony charges for pushing Texas park ranger into a lake

The gentleman in the mug shot above seems to be pleased with himself for allegedly pushing a Texas park ranger into a lake. Brandon Hicks, 25, was booked with on felony charge of attempted assault on a public servant and for destroying a park service radio, reports New York Post.

As shown on a video posted to Twitter, the park ranger can be seen standing at the edge of a pond explaining the social distancing rules for park visitors. As he's talking, a man suspected to be Brandon Hicks runs up to the ranger and pushes him in the water. Both the ranger and the assaulter fall into the water. The assaulter climbs out of the pond and runs away.

From KXAN:

"Brandon's intentional and reckless action could have caused the Ranger to strike his head on the dock as he was falling, and render himself unconscious in at least 3 feet of water where he could have drowned to death," the [arrest] affidavit said.

The person who took the cell phone video of the incident said they were glad the person got in trouble for pushing the park ranger.

"The park ranger was actually being really sweet and understanding before," they said.

On March 16, 2020, a gentleman named Brandon Hicks, who looks remarkably like the Brandon Hicks accused of pushing the park ranger into the pond, was arrested on charges of public intoxication: