Jamf Now lets you easily manage your company's Apple devices

In these days of downsizing and economic uncertainty, it's not unusual to see companies, particularly small- to medium-sized firms, going without some much-needed support. Sometimes, that means no human resources or no front desk personnel. Other times, that can mean there's no in-house department servicing a company's IT needs.

It seems crazy, but it's not unheard of for a company to decide employees will have to brave the tech world on their own.  However, Jamf Now helps make sure Apple-based companies can still handle all their business needs and even expand their capabilities, with or without an IT department.

Jamf Now is a mobile device management (MDM) solution that allows business owners and managers to simply and easily configure and coordinate all their company's Apple devices, all from one all-inclusive platform.

Whether a company is trying to set up new iPhones, iPads or Macs, do inventory, configure WiFi and email settings or update and protect their devices, Jamf Now's intuitive layout and operations make it easy to make sure every member of the organization has the apps and tools they need.

With Jamf Now, you can make all those device decisions yourself, activate them company-wide and make sure updates and changes happen automatically. The Jamf Now dashboard also makes it easy for managers to handle problems like passcode resets, activation lock bypasses, and more.

And, you don't need to be up to date on every security protocol under the sun either. Jamf Now gives you all the tools to keep devices safe, from remotely enforcing passcodes and data encryption to even locking and wiping devices with the touch of a button from anywhere.

Because they focus solely on Apple products, Jamf Now's services are extremely efficient, feature-rich, and designed from the bottom up to blow other MDM offerings out of the water.

Right now, you can try out the Jamf Now service by opening a free account, capable of managing up to three devices. And with this special offer, new accounts can now add additional devices to their coverage for only $2 a month per device.