Puppy training doesn't have to descend your house into chaos thanks to these online classes

One positive upside of the past two months is how sheltering at home has all but emptied area animal shelters. It's tough to get solid numbers nationally, but shelters in cities and regions all across America are reporting massive surges in animal adoptions

Even the steep increase in Google searches for "adopt a pet," up a whopping 335 percent in April, proves what we probably all knew anyway — that in times of stress, having a furry friend is a huge comfort for millions.

Unfortunately, one of the downsides of the past two months is there are no trainers available to help whip some of these new family pets, particularly puppies, into shape. From barking and jumping to house training and scratching, The Complete Guide to Puppy and Dog Training Bundle is a full plan for getting the newest member of your family integrated into the house safely and sanely all by yourself.

The collection includes eight courses all geared toward getting a new dog or puppy behaving the right way. And if you've ever had any thoughts about starting a dog training business of your own, this coursework is a perfect starting spot.

Puppies: A-Z Guide to Puppy & Dog Training kicks off the learning, explaining the best way to train, teach and socialize your puppy so they grow into a joyful, well balanced, and well-behaved dog. 

Of course, most puppies each have their particular issues, so a handful of courses look more closely at some of the tactics for helping your puppy overcome certain challenging behaviors. The training is here to teach your dog when to start and stop barking, how to walk calmly on a leash, and how to tame a dog's over-aggressiveness. 

You'll also get guidance in setting up a diet for your dog without preservatives, colorants, additives, or low-quality ingredients; as well as natural remedies that soothe common dog ailments and might just save you a whole lot of money in vet visits.

And if you've got the knack, there are even a pair of courses on how to become a dog trainer or set up your own dog training business.

The coursework usually retails for over $1,100, but with this offer, the whole package is available now for only $29.99.