This CyberSaber puts a galaxy far, far away right into your hand for under $100

You've wanted one since you were 7. No, not one of those cheap plastic ones, like the one your mom got you at Target before you cracked it over your pal Scott's head three hours later. We're talking about an honest-to-goodness, metal replica lightsaber that looks just like the real thing.

Now is the time to pull the trigger on a true artifact of your childhood and bring home a CyberSaber Laser Sword with built-in sound.

And when it's sitting in your hand, you'd be hard-pressed to know if it's the real thing or not. Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, this hilt is precision milled using a CNC machine to create an ergonomic grip that slides into your hand like an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

The hilt projects 11 different light colors with a button press, so whether you're a fan of shining, heroic blue, evil, sinister red, or seriously badass purple, you can fire it up and swing away.

And since a sword isn't really a sword without a blade, this also comes with a detachable, ultra-durable battle-ready blade. Of course, this blade won't slice through metal like butter, but it is strong enough to survive choreographed combat with your fellow laser swording buddies if that's your thing. Or just put the whole thing in your home trophy case and marvel at its gloriousness regularly.

The whole thing runs off a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and can be powered up with a plugin to a simple micro USB cable.

Whether you're a cosplayer, a huge Star Wars fan or just an admirer of super-cool gadgets, the CyberSaber Laser Sword is just the big boy toy you need to round out the mancave. Regularly $149.99, you can pick one up now at $50 off, just $99.99.