Paul 'Double Rainbow' Vasquez dead at 57

Paul L. Vasquez, whose awestruck reaction at a rare double rainbow made him an internet sensation in 2010, died Saturday at 57.

In the 3-minute, 29-second video, Mr. Vasquez cries out things like, "It's a double rainbow all the way across the sky!" And, "It's so bright!" And, "What does it all mean?" There are lots of whoas, and whoos and oh-my-Gods. He laughs during it. He sobs.

The exposure catapulted the apparently laid-back, good-natured guy, called "Bear" by friends, to far more than 15 minutes of fame. For instance, he and a famous "Friend," Jennifer Aniston, did a Smartwater commercial together. He also did ads for Microsoft and Delta Air Lines.