Elephant charges and flips safari truck in Zambia, killing 80-year-old American tourist

Two weeks ago, an elephant bull charged and lifted a safari truck full of terrified tourists in South Africa, but fortunately nobody was seriously injured. Last Saturday, however, another bull elephant, perhaps feeling threatened, had the same idea in Zambia — and this one managed to lift and overturn a jeep carrying a guide with six tourists, killing an older American woman in the process.

"The six guests were on the game drive when the vehicle was unexpectedly charged by the bull elephant," said CEO Keith Vincent of Wilderness, the company responsible for the deadly safari excursion, via ABC 13.

"Our guides are all extremely well trained and experienced, but sadly in this instance the terrain and vegetation was such that the guide's route became blocked and he could not move the vehicle out of harm's way quickly enough," he said.

The victim was an 80-year-old woman from the United States who was transported to a hospital in South Africa, where she died, according to Wilderness via ABC. Four other people suffered minor injuries.

From ABC 13:

Following the attack, Kafue National Park management was immediately called to assist and a helicopter was dispatched to the scene, according to Vincent. Local police, Zambia's Department of National Parks & Wildlife and other authorities are involved in the investigation, he said. …

"This is a tragic event and we extend our deepest condolences to the family of the guest who died," he said in the statement. "We are also, naturally, supporting those guests and the guide involved in this distressing incident."

The elderly woman's remains will be repatriated to her family in the U.S. with support from local Zambian authorities and the U.S. Embassy in Lusaka, according to the statement.

WARNING: The following video below (posted by Instablog9ja) shows the elephant — probably terrified himself — charging the truck and flipping it over. Although it does not show any injuries or even any of the people who were inside the vehicle, some may find it disturbing just hearing people's nervous reactions and knowing how it ends. Watch at your own discretion.