Learn 10 growth secrets from Instagram influencers with this $14 training

Eduardo Morales collects enamel pins. Back in 2015, he was frustrated that there was no way on Instagram to easily find the best new pins he wanted to buy. So he built his own. Within a few years, his @pinlord Instagram page had over 145,000 followers and, as a true Instagram influencer, was making Morales $3,500 a month.

Morales put in the work, but he wasn't special. There are dozens of ways to market a business on Instagram and create a revenue stream unique to their platform. You can learn those ways of the Gram with the training found in the 10 Instagram Growth Secrets from Celebrities and Influencers course.

The training is led by entrepreneur and marketing innovator Ben Wilson, who's helped over 200,000 students spot the differences between success and failure on the image-based platform. His course delves into those hidden secrets used by top influencers and celebrities to maximize their audiences and engage them into action.

Through easy to follow step by step techniques, students can learn how to grow a following from scratch, best market their products, master the algorithms that dictate how Instagram features content, and essentially run an Instagram account efficiently and effectively to generate income. 

The course helps explain who to forge trustworthy relationships with your followers, how to tag and position your posts to rank in search, and what celebrity examples can teach about what works and what doesn't in trying to influence a large web fanbase. There's a reason celebs drive commerce on Instagram — and it isn't just because they are celebrities. This course unlocks those power tips.

The course and all of this Instagram behind-the-scenes training usually retails for $199, but with the current offer, you can get Gram-ready for a fraction of that total, just $13.99.

Prices are subject to change.


10 Instagram Growth Secrets From Celebrities & Influencers Course – $13.99

Know the secrets for $13.99