Firing off 31 cans of Silly String at the same time with Han Solo

I enjoy the fun science stunts on ScienceBob's YouTube Channel.

ScienceBob was on the late-night U.S. TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live recently, and performed a fun stunt with two custom cannons blasting off 31 cans of Silly String, all at the same time.

Here's the 'making of' video for that appearance, above.

The show guest that night was actor Harrison Ford.

Here's a Behind-The-Scenes look as myself and the incredible Jimmy Kimmel Live prop team prototyped, fabricated, and tested two custom cannons capable of firing off 31 cans of Silly String simultaneously.

A lot of science and engineering went on behind the scenes to pull this off. We ultimately went through more than 200 cans of silly string, and 4 design concepts over 4 days before landing on the final design.

Harrison ford was the other guest on the show that night and when we showed him the cannon, a big smile came on his face and he really wanted to fire it. Building something used by Indiana Jones is a pretty awesome feeling.

Making a 31 Can Silly String Cannon (For Harrison Ford!)