The Pivot organizes your keys, performs tasks, and might even find its way back to you if lost

As everyday carry (EDC) items go, we're all looking for the same thing. We want items that help us all the time, don't take up much space and generally make us look smart and cool. Hey, we're simple creatures…and impressions matter.

When you find an item that can check all three boxes, it's worth a look —and the Keyport Pivot Minimalist Bundle not only covers all three areas, but it actually consolidates a few of those everyday carry items down into one super-compact, super-effective unit.

First, the Pivot replaces the bulky keychain jangling around in your pocket with a streamlined holder for anywhere from two to nine of your most important keys. The unit has a proprietary locking mechanism that puts just the right amount of tension on the keys to keep them in place while always ready for easy use. There's even a swivel D-ring to clip on other important items like your car or truck key fob.

Next, the Pivot comes packing its own MOCA 10-in-1 multi-purpose keychain tool, ready to tackle any number of daily encounters with the world. Nestled snugly inside the Pivot, the MOCA is ready to be deployed for a variety of duties, including a bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, a cord cutter, a box opener, a multi-setting wrench and more.

Of course, with all those vital keys and a versatile multi-tool, a user would hate to lose a Pivot. So to make sure that never happens, the purchase also comes with a free two-year subscription to the KeyportID service, an online lost and found for your Pivot.

Each Pivot includes instructions so that if a Pivot is found, the finder can go to the KeyportID website, enter the ID number and reunite those lost keys with their rightful owner. Oh yeah…and the finder even needs a nice little reward from KeyportID for their trouble. It's an added bit of security that doesn't depend on Bluetooth or WiFi to help make sure a user and their keys are never parted.

Available in black, red, or silver, you can save $7 right now off the price of a Pivot including the 2 years of KeyportID loss coverage for only $24.99.

Prices are subject to change.


Keyport Pivot Minimalist Bundle – $24.99

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