20 home workout deals on sale for Memorial Day weekend

After two months, all those stockpiled snacks and days spent indoors have likely taken their toll. If you happened to pick up a few pounds during quarantine, join the club.

However, you may be thinking that it's time — or maybe, well past time — to get back on that fitness horse. Rather than heading down to that recently reopened, but likely still deeming with possible infection neighborhood gym, we've pulled together a handful of equipment and services that can help get your body moving and on the road to a fitter you.

And just so we can leave you with a fitter wallet as well, you can use the code SUMMERSAVE20 at checkout and that'll slice another 20 percent off your total. 


If you're ready to work out, gear up first. For yoga and Pilates regulars, this Non-Slip Yoga and Pilates Towel with Bag ($18.39 after discount; originally $75) is designed just for you. The towel is created to stay on top of the mat without slipping, catching all the sweat so you aren't sliding all over. Thankfully, it dries quickly and can be stowed in the mesh bag for washing.

The Men's Z-Liner Antimicrobial Orthotic Insoles ($19.19 after discount; originally $29.99) can save your feet from ill-fitting or broken down shoes. Crafted with ZL Hexcore and breathable mesh fabric, these insoles cradle and form to your feet, keeping them cool, dry, and odor-free. They've even got arch support and an adaptive heel-cup for better balance and stability while reducing common pains.

Hydration is always key, so the EQUA Smart Water Bottle ($43.99 after discount; originally $79) will tell you when it's time to drink up. The motion sensor technology lets the stainless steel bottle emit a smart glow that indicates you need another sip.

Workout systems

After nearly two decades of refinement, the Core46 Total Smart Gym ($87.99 after discount; originally $299) is ready to tone, tighten, and strengthen all 46 muscles in your core, abs, lats, arms, lower back, and spine. This kinetic progressive resistance system activates the deepest muscles for belly fat reduction, reduced back pain, added flexibility, and a stronger, more balanced core. 

Arc Movement technology works with the muscle and joint structure of your body — and the Iron Chest Master Fitness System ($77.59 after discount; originally $119.95) created by "Natural Bodybuilder of the Decade" Ron Williams utilizes that approach for an efficient, effective, safe workout that increases strength while building and sculpting your chest, shoulders, triceps, upper back, and abs.

The Posture 4-Piece Mini Exercise Gym and Strength Training Kit ($35.99 after discount; originally $77.14) is a lightweight daily exercise regimen that improves strength and mobility in your whole body. With the four-piece set of elastic bands, a telescoping bar, and a door anchor, you can tone your body and get stronger legs and arms, increased endurance, better posture, and overall fitness.

Resistance bands are also at the center of the BandBoard Portable Home Workout Gym System ($103.99 after discount; originally $149). Cycling through over 300 exercises, BandBoard BB1 is the world's first portable resistance band workout station for a complete body workout and will give you the same results as a 60-minute gym training session in just 15 minutes.

Students on the Crush Fit Ultimate Fitness Program Bundle ($31.20 after discount; originally $199.96) will get a digital workout tailored to busy people. But using the 60-day, three-phase interactive workout guide and app with embedded exercise videos, hand-drawn illustrations of every exercise, success tips, and a progress tracking worksheet, you'll have everything you need to build lean muscle and gain strength, burn fat, and harden up. There's even a Booty Bootcamp to get that whole area under control.

Speaking of busy people, the Bandu Chair Workout System ($11.19 after discount; originally $31.99) is a simple way to workout from home. This system engages your ab muscles, targeting your stomach and waist so you can build lean muscle and keep your bones strong. Try it for as little as eight minutes a day and you'll see noticeable results.

If you've ever tried to do a push-up — a correct push-up — then you know it's tougher than it seems. With the Push Up Machine Home Exercise Equipment ($71.99 after discount; originally $129.99), three critical touchpoints put your body in the correct position to combine bodyweight, movement, and gravity to create a "new" functional strength to optimize core, back, and arm muscle groups.


If a piece of equipment doesn't motivate you, then maybe the ticking clock of a subscription will get you moving. By signing up with YogaDownload Unlimited ($23.20 for 1-year membership after discount; originally $119.99), you'll have access to more than 1,500 top-rated online yoga and fitness classes for an entire year through the website and mobile app. The classes are suited to students of every level, offering both mind and body health benefits.

Whether you want to transform yourself, shed a few pounds, tone up, or just get healthier, the Fitterclub Personal Training ($23.20 for 5-year membership after discount; originally $599.99) will craft a personally tailored exercise and nutrition plan to lead you to your goals. Train just 30 minutes per day, five days a week and Fitterclub says they'll get you feeling great forever.

With Live Streaming Fitness ($63.20 for lifetime membership after discount; originally $499), you not only get daily live streaming and on-demand fitness classes 24/7 but also classes for cooking and nutrition as your one-stop-shop for getting in shape and staying healthy. Certified nutritionists will fine-tune your diet as you work out and find new recipe inspirations.

If you aren't sure where to start reshaping your body and fitness goals, this iBodyFit Premium Diet and Workout Plan ($39.99 for lifetime membership after discount; originally $499) opens access to every iBodyFit workout in their library. That's over 400 online workouts and 40 diets, plus daily VIP support and lifetime feedback from coaches. iBodyFit workouts are designed to help you get in shape, while custom diets and top-ranked challenges will keep raising your fitness bar.


Once the workout is over, you may need some help bouncing back — and the ZTECH Percussion Massage Gun ($63.99 after discount; originally $149.99) can dig into all those painful spots for some deep muscle recovery. With its high-quality motor and three interchangeable heads for different muscle areas, this cordless massager offers up to 90 minutes of relief and conditioning.

Power Plate has a pair of massagers discounted, including the Roller Portable Vibrating Massager ($79.99 after discount; originally $99), built to help relax and rejuvenate tight and sore muscles, release fascia, and promote blood flow to help you prepare faster and recover quicker. The DualSphere Targeted Vibration Massager ($79.99 after discount; originally $99.99) specifically targets hard to reach areas, including the feet, neck, and back.

The Vortix Melo Massager with six interchangeable heads ($79.99 after discount; originally $149.99) also has six intensity levels, using combined frequency, amplitude, and torque. While many massagers roar like a buzzsaw, the Vortix is quiet, producing only a 50dB noise level at its highest intensity setting. 

You may be familiar with massage guns, but if you aren't up on massage platforms, the Personal Power Plate Portable Massage Platform ($1,196 after discount; originally $1,495) is now $300 off. A multi-benefit exercise tool, the Power Plate serves up whole-body vibration technology, which activates your muscles even more while you work out with the proprietary PrecisionWave technology. 

Become a pro yourself

If you're going to dive headlong into training, then go the extra step and let The Complete Fitness Trainer Certification Bundle Beginner to Advanced ($23.20 after discount; originally $2,200) help you build a career as a certified trainer. This 11-course package includes instruction on how to build fat loss fitness programs, address diet and nutrition, and sculpt strong bodies.