The Coconut Light goes anywhere, fits anywhere, and it's hypnotically cool

Every once in a while, we see a new product come along that's so versatile and elegantly simple that it's strange no one's ever gone there before.

Portable lights themselves aren't new, but there's something about the MOGICS Coconut Light that's so seamlessly well-designed and adaptable that it feels startlingly original.

The Coconut is basically just an orb of light. Yet the more than $105,000 this portable, foldable light source generated during its enthusiastic run on Kickstarter proves that its appeal goes far beyond its humble origins.

Made from durable, non-toxic, kid-safe silicon material, the Coconut Light is a minimalist perfect sphere of light that can adapt to almost any situation. The Coconut self-inflates and sports four different lighting modes, so whether it's serving as a desk light, a table centerpiece, a camping accessory, or poolside ambiance, it effortlessly conforms to your environment.

The silicon sturdiness and clever engineering mean you don't have to handle the Coconut Light with kid gloves. In fact, with its inflatable, balanced, durable construction, it's practically like having a glowing rubber ball shining in the darkness.

The three-point design subtly creates a balance, so if the Coconut Light is set on a table, it doesn't roll away. At the base, the invisible switch can toggle through normal, flash, breathing, and warning light modes.

In case you're skeptical about carrying a rubber ball around with you, don't worry — the Coconut Light folds down to about a sixth of its original size. Then once you pop it out of its carrying case, the Coconut's unique valve design expands it to its regular dimensions.

Meanwhile, the Coconut Light was also designed to be completely waterproof. And we don't just mean water-resistant. The Coconut can float on top of the water or even be fully submerged with nanotech and multilayer waterproofing assuring its continued service in almost any environment.

Regularly $49.99, you can take an extra 20 percent off the cost of MOGICS Coconut Light by entering the code SUMMERSAVE20 at checkout, which when added to the regular discount brings your total down to just $29.59.

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MOGICS Coconut: Portable Waterproof Light – $36.99

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