Get certified marketing training on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more with these classes

Twitter rants and various online ugliness aside, social media has actually grown up a bit over the past 15 years. In general, users are warier of their interactions on platforms like Facebook or Instagram — and marketers have taken note.

In fact, if you felt retailers you saw on social media were only looking to jam products down your throat, that's not marketing in 2020. Of marketers surveyed in a recent study, the clear no. 1 goal for brands in the social media realm — a commanding 69 percent — was to build brand awareness. In case you're curious, driving sales was a lowly fifth place on the list.

So how do products build that awareness and engage with the audience they seek? The training in The 2020 Social Media Marketing Bootcamp Certification Bundle lays out the plan for any company looking to make the most of a social media presence, drive brand success and make you an in-demand social media manager.

Since no two social media platforms are truly alike, this seven-course, 34-plus hour collection aims to help marketers create strategies customized to work on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

The fundamentals are explained in the Digital Marketing Foundations 101 course, a nuts-and-bolts walkthrough that hammers home the most critical decision for any social media manager: crafting a clear digital strategy. This course digs into email marketing, building a website, SEO, digital advertising, measurement, analytics, and all the latest trends in the digital marketing game.

While that course lays out the basics, Social Media Foundations 101 and Social Media Strategy advance your learning into practical steps for bringing that digital marketing plan to life. Students here get well-proven tactics for creating a standout business presence on social media, defining marketing goals, target audiences, and content strategies, and understanding the reason behind incorporating each social media platform into your overall business plan.

Next, the coursework delves into training specific to three of the most crucial social platforms operating today. Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, and LinkedIn Marketing get into the advantages and disadvantages of each site, offering tips for reaching your specific audience on each platform.

Finally, Facebook Advertising goes inside paid advertising on the powerful platform, explaining how to master ad targeting and buying options to get the most reach for your money.

Regularly retailing for over $2,000, all this social media mastery knowledge is available now for only $29.99.

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The 2020 Social Media Marketing Bootcamp Certification Bundle – $29.99

Get the training for $29.99