Learn how to podcast like a boss from these experts

Entrepreneurs looking for new avenues to reach customers may not have considered one of the fastest-growing content mediums today: podcasting. And we don't mean just dropping an advertisement for your product or service in the middle of a popular show.

Right now, there are about 850,000 active podcasts reaching 165 million Americans. Those listeners are predominantly educated, affluent and technologically savvy. So could you craft an entertaining, engaging podcast around your business to attract attention and bring some of those smart, upscale listeners into your camp?

Business is one of the most popular podcast genres for listeners — and the training in the Podcast Like a Boss course offers motivated students all the direction needed to get a podcast off the ground. However, this course asks the even more important question: how can this podcast help drive your business forward?

Unlike other instruction training, this 7-module course doesn't center exclusively on well-worn tips for would-be podcasters. This training is about creating and launching a podcast idea that bolsters business success, regardless of your industry. 

This training is led by a quartet of experienced business podcast pros, who collectively created podcasts that amassed over 7.5 million downloads while generating nearly $1 million in revenue. Kathleen Shannon, Emily Thompson, Paul Jarvis and Jason Zook break down the entire process, from clarifying a podcast's purpose, defining the point of view, identifying the prime audience and shaping what a listener can expect before they ever even hit the subscribe button.

Through these lectures, workbooks, PDF checklists and more, you'll learn how to create compelling content around your business; how to handle the tech and logistics of podcast recording and distribution; how to get attention to your podcast through iTunes and other platforms; how to monetize your show through sponsors and more; and how to grow and nurture around the program.

The Podcast Like a Boss roadmap to business podcasting success is usually $219, but through this offer is available now for just $59.99.

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Podcast Like a Boss: Lifetime Access to All Content – $59.99

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