If you are still waiting to do your taxes then you won't want to miss out on this TurboTax offer

With everything happening in the last few months, we all but guarantee no one has been thinking about their taxes. That's understandable — because, beyond all of our current concerns, nobody enjoys the whole tax filing process during even the best of times.

Unfortunately, Benjamin Franklin was right — taxes truly are as inescapable as death. And while the U.S. tax filing deadline was extended by three months while the nation worked its way out of the COVID-19 nightmare, your 2019 tax form still needs to be filed with Uncle Sam by July 15

And if you find you have any questions about your eminent filing, well…don't count on turning to the Internal Revenue Service for help these days.

However, you can still turn to trusty tax e-filing services like TurboTax to help point the way to a successful return. 

TurboTax is already used by over two-thirds of all online tax fliers — and deluxe users are guided through the entire tax preparation process so they get full advantage of every favorable tax law with every entry double checked along the way.

All a new customer has to do is answer a few quick questions, upload an image of their W-2, verify the information, then sit back as TurboTax searches out deductions and credits you deserve — from more than 350, in all — ensuring you'll always receive the maximum refund possible.

TurboTax is always up to speed, so if you have questions about mortgage interest, property taxes, charitable deductions, medical expenses, child credits and more, you're covered. And if there is ever any kind of TurboTax computing error, subscribers are assured that TurboTax will pay the penalty total plus interest. 

Once you're finished, you can submit your return to the IRS with a click and receive confirmation when your return has been accepted. Meanwhile, TurboTax will hold on to your fully encrypted information for next year's filing, so you'll already have your return half-complete before you even get started.

Turbo Tax Deluxe service usually retails for $60, but it's currently available at 10 percent off, just $54.