The FLIKR Fire2 is a personal fireplace that goes anywhere and burns on simple rubbing alcohol

Not every house has a fireplace. And to be honest, not every homeowner wants to deal with the hassles and maintenance of a fireplace. But it's tough to argue that the intoxicating glow and dance of a licking flame isn't mesmerizing, not to mention all of a fire's practical uses.

For those looking to enjoy a cool fire aesthetic without all those other difficulties, the FLIKR Fire2 Personal Fireplace might just scratch that item.

The FLIKR Fire2 was created with a simple goal in mind: to devise a simple, safe, indoor fireplace option that runs on a clean-burning, inexpensive and readily available fuel. This unit burns on some basic isopropyl rubbing alcohol, just like the kind you can find in any store.

Fire it up with just 5 ounces of rubbing alcohol and you've got anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour of cozy warming flame. The alcohol ensures you'll never get soot or smoky buildup damaging your ceiling, enough heat so you won't have to turn up your home thermostat, and it's even safe to cook over.

Crafted using a proprietary non-absorbent, high-temperature cement on a man-made, quartz-like solid surface base, the FLIKR Fire2 cuts a dynamic, naturalistic profile in any room. The organic look is inspired by the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic, which embraces transition and imperfection while celebrating a device that simply does what it was designed to do. It fits in seamlessly to almost any environment, so you can take the FLIKR Fire2 from room to room or even out on the road to get the full fireplace effect with none of the drawbacks.

Its adjustable feet base even adds a type of thermal barrier to the device, ensuring any nearby furniture stays protected and away from any stray flame. And there's no carbon monoxide threat, so the FLIKR Fire2 is perfectly safe in any reasonably ventilated area.

The FLIKR Fire2 puts a touch of nature and class into any situation — and right now, you can pick one up at $15 off its regular price, only $79.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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FLÎKR® Fire2: Personal Fireplace – $79.99

Get it now for $79.99